Committee Members

Every two years, committee chairs are appointed by the Mainstream Coalition Board President (who also changes every two years). Those chairs then set about recruiting individuals to serve on the committee, drawn from the Mainstream community at large. There is intentionality in making this a bipartisan group.

2020 Committee Members

Ward Katz, Co-Chair
Shel Roufa, Co-Chair
Sally Levitt, Treasurer

Dr. Jeff Brick
Jeff Ellis
Susan Fitzgerald
Kristen Fromm
Sandy Geduldig
Dr. Ed Herman
Rev. Dr. Mark Holland
Brandon Kenig
Dr. John Lantos
Cathy Matlack
Liz Meitl
Sheryl Spalding

Jim Borthwick, ex officio
Carol Sader, ex officio

Michael Poppa, Executive Director, ex officio

2019 Committee Members

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