About MainPAC

MainPAC is the political advocacy committee of the Mainstream Coalition, a political advocacy organization. The MainStream Coalition is a 501(c)(4) charity that advocates for positions on issues, and informs voters about where public officials stand on those issues. Our political action committee (officially registered as “MAINstream PAC” because that used to be our name) works in elections on behalf of candidates and campaigns that support our values.

MainPAC receives funding from individual donations. As a PAC, our funding is public, and filings can be found on the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission website, as “MAINstream PAC” under “Political Action Committees” here: https://ethics.kansas.gov/campaign-finance/view-submitted-forms-and-reports/#committees (Please don't confuse us with MAINstreet PAC, set up by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce expressly to confuse voters.)

MainPAC Executive Committee

Every two years, committee chairs are appointed by the Mainstream Coalition Board President (who also changes every two years). Those chairs then set about recruiting individuals to serve on the committee, drawn from the Mainstream community at large. There is intentionality on making this a bipartisan group.

2019 Executive Committee

Ward Katz, Co-Chair
Shel Roufa, Co-Chair
Sally Levitt, Treasurer

Dr. Jeff Brick
Jeff Ellis
Susan Fitzgerald
Kristen Fromm
Dr. Ed Herman
Mark Holland
Dr. John Lantos
Cathy Matlack
Sheryl Spalding

Jim Borthwick, ex-oficio
Carol Sader, ex-officio

Brandi Fisher, Executive Director, ex-oficio

If you have any questions about MainPAC, please don't hesitate to get in touch at contact@mainpac.org