About MainPAC

MainPAC is the political action committee of the Mainstream Coalition, a political advocacy organization. The Mainstream Coalition is a 501(c)(4) nonpartisan nonprofit organization that advocates for positions on issues, and informs voters about where public officials stand on those issues. Our political action committee (officially registered as “MAINstream PAC”) works in elections on behalf of candidates and campaigns that support the priorities of the Mainstream Coalition.

MainPAC was formed in 2008 and has worked to elect common sense politicians to elected office in Kansas, and on behalf of Kansans, since then. MainPAC was there in 2016, supporting candidates (of both parties) who supported the positions we champion. Our work, with your help, made a difference that year in turning back the Brownback-led tide of extremism. In 2018, MainPAC was there working for (now) Gov. Kelly and against Kris Kobach, and working for legislators who would hold the line against retrenched extremists. With your help, we made a difference that year, too.

MainPAC is doubling down on candidate support, on volunteer organizing, on countering the millions of dollars Americans for Prosperity have already sunk into extremist campaigns. We will work at the local, state, and statewide level. With your help, we will not let Kansas slide backwards.

Kansas is counting on you!

Your donations go toward candidate and issue support to elect common sense politicians who understand that extremist politics makes governing impossible. Help us make a real difference for Kansans.

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