2020 Primary Election Candidate Questionnaire

This document is just for the public to review the types of questions sent to candidates, and was not used to deliver the questions to candidates. Surveys were sent and returned electronically in early July 2020. The survey included general demographic questions, like name, website URL, office being sought, fundraising totals, and how they thought their positions aligned with Mainstream’s stated positions

The questions below were designed to cover the breadth of advocacy areas important to Mainstream, while not overwhelming candidates with an unwieldy survey. As a result, there is often only one question per issue, and that question is designed to try to elicit an answer that can express the nuances of a given position. Asking politicians about their positions is more art than science, and every year, some questions are more successful than others. For most questions, candidates were given the opportunity to offer additional comment on their answers.

It should be made clear that while candidates were told their answers would not be made public, candidates may, of course, publish their own answers to our surveys. We will not do so.


Candidates were asked the following issues-related questions:

  • Do you believe that scientific fact and the advice of health professionals should be paramount in decisions regarding public health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Do Black lives matter?
  • Do you think the State of Kansas is funding public Pre-K through post-secondary education adequately?
  • Do you support accepting federal dollars for Medicaid expansion in Kansas?
  • Do you support lowering the age to carry a concealed firearm to 18?
  • Should proof of citizenship be required in order to register to vote?
  • Kansas has restrictive abortion laws. As an elected official, would you support: more restrictions, fewer restrictions, the current law, or other.
  • As an elected official, would you support amending the Kansas Act Against Discrimination to include protections for sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing and public accommodation?
  • What policies or initiatives will you take as an elected official to reduce climatechange/global warming?
  • Should local communities be allowed to set their own policies regarding: 1) revenue sources, 2) spending caps, and 3) Firearms Regulations?
  • Are you a member of—or would you accept membership in—the American Legislative Exchange Council?


Included with the questions above was a message that followed this outline:

MainPAC will not be publishing broad endorsements for the August Primary Election. However, we reserve the right to endorse in select races for reasons including when the outcome of an election will be determined by results in the Primary. Filling out a survey does not guarantee endorsement. Primary Election endorsement does not guarantee endorsement in the General Election. Answers to these questions will not be published for the public.

Please submit the completed survey no later than 12 pm on Monday, July 6. Questionnaires received after this deadline will not be accepted.

We respect each candidate’s right NOT to return a questionnaire. Please know that MainPAC cannot endorse a candidate who chooses not to return a survey. Thank you for completing the MainPAC 2020 candidate questionnaire. We understand the demands of running for public office and appreciate your time in answering these questions. If you have questions about this survey or our process, please contact [email protected] or call the MainPAC office at 913-649-3326.

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